Opening the US mobile networks

Posted on November 28, 2007  /  1 Comments

Verizon Wireless to Open Its Network – New York Times

In a major shift for the mobile phone industry, Verizon Wireless said yesterday that it planned to give customers far more choice in what phones they could use on its network and how they use them.
While there are technical limitations involved, the company’s move could lead to an American wireless market that is more like those in Europe and Asia, where a carrier’s customers can use any compatible phone to easily reach a wide array of online services — and take their phones with them when they switch companies. The move, which surprised industry watchers because Verizon Wireless is known to be highly protective of its traditional business, is part of a larger shift in the communications world.

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1 Comment

  1. Ovum says: Many questions are yet to be answered, though – among them, exactly what the pricing models will be, which partners will sign up to support the program (Microsoft is the only notable example so far), how stringent and expensive the certification process will be and what volumes of devices Verizon’s labs can handle at any given time, and whether all of this may trigger Google to withdraw from the 700MHz auction process. Verizon will hold a conference with device manufacturers, application developers and retailers in the first quarter to answer some of these questions, and that will also provide clarity about exactly how much difference this initiative will really make.