Email to Sri Lanka

Posted on December 20, 2007  /  2 Comments

On the insignificance of Sri Lanka in the perception of the people who write for the New York Times OR in the preception of the readers of NYT, in the minds of the people who write for the NYT.

Universe – Laws of Nature – Physics – New York Times

Against all the odds, we can send e-mail to Sri Lanka, thread spacecraft through the rings of Saturn, take a pill to chase the inky tendrils of depression, bake a turkey or a soufflé and bury a jump shot from the corner.

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  1. Did these people forget that the person who predicted the coming of electronic mail, and the launch of orbital satellites that would be used to make this world a global village, and so many other things including man stepping on moon – was in Sri Lanka? he’s 90 years old an yes, he’s Sir A.C.Clerk. and out of all countries sending an email to Sri Lanka is a BIG bloody thing! wow!

  2. Yet with all these developments and millions spent on ICT I cannot send an E mail in our mother tongue Sinhala across multi operating system!!!! (eq windows 98 to Vista , Vista to any Mac etc etc)

    This is my country; the taste of the parasite

    Donald Gaminitilake