India still tops on BPO; Sri Lanka stalled due to war

Posted on December 13, 2007  /  3 Comments


Although seen as India’s greatest challenger in terms of its potential scale, China fared poorly for language skills, Gartner said.

China, India and Singapore all had strong government support for the promotion of their country as an offshore services location.

The political and economic environment remains a concern for many companies when moving work to offshore locations and so Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam rated poorly, Gartner said.

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  1. The Philippines is fast approaching hehehe watch out!

  2. Outsourcing to India is by far the better advantage over other countries. India has devoted Billions of Dollars to their ever-growing Infrastructure.

    Outsourcing is an exceptional way to capitalize in on your core concerns in today’s business world. :d With the ever growing unsuitability of our economy. :o One must come to the conclusion and determine if business process outsourcing is for their business or not. :-?

    What if it was your only option? The banks have been given a financial bailout, however what about the rest of the suffering business economy in general? Literally a year worth of downward upside down stock portfolio’s. Trillions of $$ Dollars were lost and sure not a result of outsourcing.

    I think we need to diversify ourselves and become pioneers of the future together rather than continuing to be adverse!

  3. China and Philippine’s is very fast in outsourcing.