ICTs in Agriculture: A public lecture by Professor S. Bhatnagar

Posted on February 1, 2008  /  4 Comments


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  1. Please, don’t forget to upload any writings, audio or video that the event might produce ;)

  2. Sounds very interesting and relevant to our work in rural ICT market at KATALYST. We are keen to know more about the topic.

    Is this a one shot event or a discussion series? I will propose to keep the discussion rolling to get some issues resolved, if possible.

    Appreciate is please me posted with updates.

  3. Yes, we will make all presentation slides from the public lecture available on this website soon after the public lecture.

  4. Work in Progress

    Dambulla Market Prices on your GPRS phone http://www.mobile.ggs.lirneasia.org on your computer screen http://www.ggs.lirneasia.org. To see what vistors to the market see on big screens http://www.lirneasia.org/asianict/ggs/viewprices.php