Mobile Platform Portability: The Next Big Leap in Mobile?

Posted on April 23, 2008  /  0 Comments

Motorola recently announced an investment in VirtualLogix, a company that lets multiple operating systems run on the same piece of hardware. This means you could have a single phone in your pocket that runs Windows Mobile, the BlackBerry OS, and Google’s Android OS.

VirtualLogix is a provider of real-time virtualization. Its technology enables the mobility of applications from the desktop to devices, improves quality of service and security in an open mobile world, and will enable a new generation of dynamic individual user experiences. Motorola and others believe in the technology and decided it was worth investing in.

Currently, programmers have to rewrite every application – be it a game, social networking service, or other feature – for each of the various operating systems, including Symbian, Microsoft Windows Mobile, or Google’s Android. The tinkering can take months. But virtualization software would enable a mobile-phone maker to add features regardless of the operating system. So Motorola could grab a Web-browsing application written for one system, an e-mail application for another, and calling features designed for a third OS, and elegantly integrate them onto one phone. That could significantly speed up the phone-design process.

Read the full article in ‘The InformationWeek’ here.

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