Broadband Internet helps rural community

Posted on December 28, 2008  /  0 Comments

There was a time when Mira Lira wasn’t able to run her online business effectively out of this former mining town 60 miles east of Phoenix. Not on a dial-up connection.

“I use the Internet daily for e-mail and marketing,” Lira said.

But today Lira is enjoying broadband Internet access as she provides virtual administrative help for offices around the country through Miracle Executive Services.

The relief came in the form of small white boxes with tiny antennas atop homes, the school, even a light pole at the baseball field. Lira happily shows these to a visitor to illustrate what a wireless Internet network means to this community.

“Having high-speed in rural communities is like having a sewer system; it’s needed for a healthy community,” Lira said. Since 2007, Superior residents have been able to pay $29.99 a month for unlimited high-speed Internet access through WI-VOD, a company that specializes in providing broadband in rural communities. There are about 100 customers here so far.

In theory, anyone in Arizona can have broadband Internet access, but in remote areas that often involves service via satellite and a monthly charge that’s more than people want to pay. Officials say affordable broadband is essential for small communities to attract businesses and new residents and to provide current residents with online education, e-medicine and other benefits that come with high-speed Internet access.

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