Sri Lanka: Media assists illegal mobile phone trading?

Posted on December 2, 2008  /  0 Comments

Sakwithi ‘I-was-born-to-teach’ Ranasinghe knew the power of media. Few full page advertisements in Lankadeepa, the largest selling weekly in the island were all necessary to convert the virtually unknown English teacher to a national level businessman. That, with the endorsement from a self-proclaimed media guru was adequate to attract thousands of gullible individuals who deposited their hard earned money with him for attractive interest rates, way above the market. When Ranasinghe disappeared, media conveniently washed their hands. Content of paid advertisement, we were reminded, is not their responsibility. Buyers beware. Ironically Lankadeepa became the newspaper that hit their former client the hardest!

Moral of the story: Rely on media any time to promote your business – don’t worry it is legal or otherwise.

Others too have learnt. A full page advertisement (parts shown) on Hit-Ad – a supplement of The Sunday Times , a national weekly from the same group that published Lankadeepa invites the attention of mobile phone vendors who buy their stocks in Singapore. Among many things the advertiser promises are the visit arrangements and ‘facilities’ and ‘advices’ to hand carry these stocks to the island.

Why one hand carries the very brands sold in local market thru authorized agents?

A customs duty applies to any item imported thru formal channels but not necessarily for hand carry items – assumed for personal use. Figure the rest. Our lips are sealed.

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