Communication for Policy Impact

Posted on June 18, 2009  /  5 Comments

A clinic on Communication for Policy Impact was conducted by Dr. Rohan Samarajiva, Helani Galpaya and Nilusha Kapugama of LIRNEasia at the recently concluded IDRC PAN-All conference in Penang, Malaysia. The necessity of communicating or disseminating good research results to stakeholders such as the policymakers, private sector and media was one of the underlying themes of the conference.

The clinic focused on giving participants the necessary tools to formulate a communications strategy for a given project. Some of the key aspects identified were:

  • identification of relevant audience/s and appropriate method/s of communication,
  • importance of story telling
  • timing of the release of results
  • recognition of policy windows

The importance of developing a communications strategy at the proposal stage of the project was highlighted. However, such strategies would need to be updated in keeping with research results and the changing economic, political and social landscapes.

Presentation available HERE


  1. Can you please link to this presentation as a PDF instead of a Google Doc which is only open to staff of Lirneasia? Maybe that’s a lesson in strategic communications too? :)

  2. Hi Sanjana,

    Sorry about the error with the link. The correct link has now been posted.

  3. Hi, that SlideShare link doesn’t seem to work either unfortunately.

  4. Sanjana, I checked it out. It works for me. Possibly the fault is not always with LIRNEasia.

  5. In Geneva on very high speed link. Just doesn’t load up for me on Firefox or Safari. As I told you over email, Slideshare is bloody temperamental. Better to link to PDF’s hosted on your site?