Aileen Aguero’s research makes it to Peruvian press

Posted on July 29, 2009  /  0 Comments

Research on Peruvian demand for telecom services by Aileen Aguero, a researcher from DIRSI, who is current working at LIRNEasia for six months, has made it to the leading newspaper in Peru.

The article, which documents the introduction of bundled services by telecom companies, uses Aileen’s research on the demand for telecom services in Peru to explain the provision of varied packages by operators to suit different socio-economic groups. Her study shows that the lowest socio-economic group spends only 5% of family income on telecommunications; however, for every 10% increase in family income, Peruvians increases their spending on telecommunications by 19.7% on average.

The full (local language) article is available here. A rough translation of the article in English is available here.

ording to the study “The spending on telecommunications in Peru” by Aileen Agüero (Regional Dialogue on the Information Society, 2008), in the lowest SES only 5% of family income devoted to telecommunications.
And more income, greater need for communication. According to evidence that study, 10% for each additional family income, Peruvians increase their spending on telecommunications at 19.7% on average.

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