Teleuse at the BOP and citation practices

Posted on July 7, 2009  /  0 Comments

Reading an article by Araba Sey on a small-sample study of teleuse among non-owners in Ghana in a special issue of info, edited by two colleagues in LIRNE.NET, I was surprised to see no references whatsoever to our work. We who are at edge of the global academic system had excuses, but really, after Scholar.Google, no one has excuses. Further, I was told that Araba had been at a talk given by Helani Galpaya at USC Annenberg School in October 2007 and had been given an entire set of teleuse@BOP2 findings, which makes the omission even more saddening.

We will continue to cite related work, whether they cite us or not. But unless everyone makes that effort, we will not be “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

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