Teleuse@BOP profile: Chamara Pahalawattage

Posted on August 3, 2009  /  1 Comments

TVEAP (on behalf of LIRNEasia) videoed a series of interviews with teleusers to explore their usage patterns at the BOP. Below is an interview with eighteen-year-old Chamara Pahalawattage, a Sri Lankan school leaver, who does not have a steady job but that  hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for mobile phones he now uses his sixth phone in two years. This resident of Gonapola, western Sri Lanka, finds odd jobs at construction sites thanks to his phone. And after a hard day’s work, he unwinds listening to the radio, or swapping phone songs with friends. Click here to view other videos.

1 Comment

  1. Many thanks for this link. You might also be interested in this story about Chamara that I wrote on my blog in May 2009:
    Post-war Sri Lanka: Can we dial up a better future?