World Economic Forum reads LIRNE.NET publications

Posted on August 21, 2009  /  1 Comments

Reading the WEF and INSEAD Global Information Technology Report 2008-09, I was struck by the presence of several references from within the LIRNE.NET community. I would have of course preferred some mention of LIRNEasia (in the same way DIRSI had been mentioned) and or a URL, but still, nice to know our work is being read and used. It is noteworthy that the second author on the first reference below, A. Aguero, is currently with LIRNEasia completing a professional internship.

Barrantes R., A. Agüero, H. Galperin, and A. Molinari. 2007. Asequibilidad de los Servicios de Telefonía Móvil en América Latina. Report. Diálogo Regional sobre Sociedad de la Información

De Silva, H. and A. Zainudeen. 2007. “Poverty Reduction through Telecom Access at the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid.’“ Paper presented at the Centre for Poverty Analysis Annual Symposium on Poverty Research in Sri Lanka , December 6–7, Colombo.

Galperin, H. and J. Mariscal. 2007. Mobile Opportunities: Poverty and Telephony Access in Latin America and the Caribbean. Report, November. Diálogo Regional sobre Sociedad de la Información (DIRSI).

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  1. To the person who wrote an entry by the name of “boastful Rohan Samarajiva.” Write what you wish, but leave the names of those at LIRNEasia alone. Then you can have your say.