Broadband QoSE testing: Why AT-Tester? Why not Speedtest?

Posted on September 5, 2009  /  2 Comments

Broadband user testing is nothing new. Tools to measure the speed of a link were available even in pre-net days. Later, they became more user-friendly, more sophisticated and better looking.  Today you can pick one from a gamut of tools to instantly find out the speed of your link.

Then why AT-Tester? Why not LIRNEasia used one of these tools like the Oxford Business School did? Why LIRNEasia had to develop its own tool?

In this paper Timothy Gonsalves, PhD, who leads the development and research team at our partner organization IIT Madras attempts to answer these questions. The paper compares AT-Tester with three popular and eight relatively less known tools.

AT-Tester, originally developed only for Windows XP, the most widely used operating system then, now runs also on Windows Vista and Windows 7 platform


  1. Any plans to develop it for OS X?

    1. We are working on a browser-based ATTester using Flash. This will work on OS X.

      – TAG