Continuing saga of SIM overcount in Pakistan

Posted on October 31, 2009  /  2 Comments

According to a Pakistan telecom website, one man found that while he had only 2 SIMs from Mobilink the database showed 57! There is more.

With the successful on going SIM Information System 668 campaign, official sources at PTA have revealed that the cellular phone companies have blocked 12.9 million SIMs in two weeks of launch, reported Daily News. Data of around 0.813 million subscribers has been rectified by the relevant mobile phone companies so far, they said while nearly 5 million subscribers have sought verification from the authority so far. PTA officials said that number of blocking of SIM could increase further as the millions of remaining customers will check their SIMs information against their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC).

With this it is speculated that the total subscriber base will fall along with reduction in individual operator’s subscribers.

This is not a problem limited to Pakistan. Sri Lanka, for example, has been cleaning up the registrations, but despite claims that it is an open society, the information is not coming out like in Pakistan. We wrote about the Pakistan overcount some time back too.


  1. I think this should be done first and there should a policy for it.