Iran: Revolutionary Guard Telecom

Posted on October 9, 2009  /  2 Comments

The profitability and surveillance potential of the state telecom monopoly has not been missed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, described by many as the pseudogovernment of Iran:

The nearly $8 billion acquisition by a company affiliated with the elite force has amplified concerns in Iran over what some call the rise of a pseudogovernment, prompting members of Parliament to begin an investigation into the deal.

Full story. In other countries, similar arrangements are emerging. In Sri Lanka, it is alleged that no-name companies with interesting connections have entered into joint ventures with the incumbent teleco on highly favorable terms.


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  2. ­The controversial privatisation of Iran Telecom is reportedly being investigated following repeated claims that the military Revolutionary Guards are backing one of the investors. Last month, consortium of three Iranian firms, Etemad Mobin Development paid US$7.8 billion for a 50% plus one share stake in the company. Cellular News reports: