More media coverage for LIRNEasia’s broadband QoSE research

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“I can’t imagine how and based on what measure TRAI set 256kbps internet connection as broadband. It’s very difficult for users to work with this speed. Please don’t compare Bangladesh and Sri Lanka while setting standard for India.”

This was how a reader responded when Indian Express online carried a story on the dissemination of the findings of LIRNEasia’s broadband research at the GRT Grand Hotel convention centre in Chennai on November 3.

Another story in ‘The Hindu’ quoted Timothy Gonsalves PhD, Head of Computer Science and Engineering Department, IIT-Madras, our research partner from IIT Madras saying the implication [of the latency introduced by complex routing of network traffic] for consumers is that though a user may get close to the speeds advertised by the operator while accessing servers within India, the download speeds from an international server for even a supposedly fast broadband connection would only be in the 200 kbps range.

The event was attended by broadband operators, users and researchers. Helani Galpaya, Chanuka Wattegama and Timothy Gonsalves, PhD made presentations while Ashok Jhunjhunwala, PhD chaired the panel discussion.

Apart from the reported, the following were stories published by Indian, Sri Lanka and UK media.

“Broadband speed suffers most in accessing international servers” – The Hindu

Sri Lankan broadband users getting less: study – Lanka Business Online

South Asian broadband stuck in international bottleneck: study – Lanka Business Online

Developed countries getting better value from broadband – top 10 broadband

Sri Lanka’s broadband shows over advertising and under delivery – Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

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