Kristin Due Hague On Bad Government

Posted on December 11, 2009  /  0 Comments

There is one player here in the big game that hasn’t contributed that much, and that’s government. The obvious things like taxation, duties have been mentioned many times. This isn’t a lot of researching, it’s more implementing on the government side. What does access to spectrum mean? It means a great deal. Going from the current situation where voice and data are provided by GSM, you don’t need that much bandwidth. That’s not the case when you move into broadband.

Why does government move extremely slow in opening up spectrum, especially in low bands. Why does UHF rollout go 71% faster than rollout at 2.1?

We need a commitment from government for 10-20 years, and we need implementation. It’s kinda sad that Asia is more reluctant than America or European economies to harmonize bands and lower prices of equipment. The great success story of Asia would not have happened if the mobile industry hadn’t put in a great effort to lower handset prices.

Government can do a lot, and researchers can help with putting out independent numbers showing the benefits, and how harmful the real core policies can be. I see real potential, but I see scary tendencies of governments not taking the right steps.

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