Txting champions: Where are the Filipinos?

Posted on January 28, 2010  /  6 Comments

The world’s fastest txters are South Koreans, followed by US and Argentina. What does this mean for the Philippines status as SMS Capital of the World?

The inaugural Mobile World Cup, hosted by the South Korean cellphone maker LG Electronics, brought together two-person teams from 13 countries who had clinched their national titles by beating a total of six million contestants. Marching behind their national flags, they gathered in New York on Jan. 14 for what was billed as an international clash of dexterous digits.

To ensure a level playing field, LG handed out identical mobile phones — one with a numeric keypad and the other with a keyboardlike QWERTY pad — weeks in advance for practice. The basic rule of the competition: copy phrases streaming across a monitor correctly, with the required capitalization and punctuation, as quickly as possible. Whichever language players chose, words were selected so that each would type the same number of characters.


  1. Samarajeewa lost at recent election. Now Preaching ICT Bana to international public. He went shopping for UNP+JVP= Sorry Fonseka. Now drama has ends. Samarajjewa oyagay “Eka Puliye” (Puka Eliye)

  2. NOTICE : Lirne Asia will be close its operations in Sri Lanka VERY SOON.

  3. As far as I know, neither LIRNEasia nor I have done anything that would cause us to cease operations in Sri Lanka. We have expressed opinions based on professional judgement and evidence. They may not be to the liking of all, or those who write under pseudonyms. But that does not mean we cannot speak our mind.

  4. Professor, me too went shopping for UNP this time and lost like you. can u give me a job opportunity at Lirne asia?

    I have another friend called Ajith P Perera. he is a Bandaragama UNP organizer. he too looking for a job. we both e-mailed you the CVs. Why you switched-off your mobile after the election?

    Fonseka “Kalawedda” gama keva. api than maha paray. ICTA ekay evun apita than puken hina wenawa. Mata vadaa oyatai hina venne.
    Labana parawath gamak demu neda Prof?

  5. Niranjan M. Have you no shame man? Honestly, its scum like you that drag the reputation of ones country through dirt and then shit. This is a global platform, for the love of all that is holy find your self a job. I use this website for educational purposes, but rarely contribute but Enough is enough, I am tired of seeing comments such as yours that adds no intelligent feedback but just political dribel. I don’t care about the political situation of your shit hole, so stop bringing it up.

    Perhaps you’d like me to write that in Sinhalese? Maybe Mervin Silva can give you rally speech on it?