Spectrum hoarding in India and the available remedies

Posted on February 4, 2010  /  1 Comments

Voice and Data has done a story on spectrum hoarding. Among the main sources is Payal Malik, who did the spectrum/licensing study that was part LIRNEasia’s mobile 2.0 work.

According to Payal Malik, sr research fellow, LIRNEasia, “It is difficult to verify whether the spectrum is actually being hoarded, but given the way allocation has taken place, I won’t be surprised if it is. In an effort to eliminate competition, the existing players inflate subscriber numbers. To add to this, the verification process is difficult and has to be done by Trai which has not done anything about this issue till date.” She adds, “Only 5-7 MHz on an average is the bandwith provided per operator, which is very little when compared to the 10-11 MHz allocated abroad. This in turn leads to fragmentation of spectrum.”

1 Comment