Less than 1% uses Mobile 2.0

Posted on June 10, 2010  /  5 Comments

LIRNEasia regularly surveys SEC group D and E (the bottom of the pyramid) teleuse in emerging Asian countries. In the study it was found that less than one percent of the Sri Lankan BOP phone users who are aware of mobile 2.0 services regularly use it. Highlighting this fact we ran an advertisement in the Daily Mirror today.

The advertisement’s objective was to show what the policy makers and regulators can do and thereby what the service providers could do to boost up Mobile 2.0 services in Sri Lanka. The advertisement also indicated, that with these changes it can lead to a App-Store model where it can act as a platform  (application store) for mobile content providers to add their applications, with standard contracts from telcos.

Mobile 2.0 at Bottom of the pyramid is project conducted by LIRNEasia. For more details click here

More info about Teleuse@BOP (Survey on SEC D and E) click here

The advertisement ran today in the Daily Mirror Business section


  1. Well that has a lot to do with the comparatively higher charging for data via mobile devices. even if there are ways still the users are not aware of them and about the voice beyond services that they can get. Poor marketing strategies of the operators has a strong say in this.

  2. Fantastic initiative to give research policy relevance, well done, Alison Gillwald, South Africa.

  3. If someone takes a photo with a mobile phone cam, does it come under Mobile 2.0 or does it becomes Mobile 2.0 only when it is sent to someone through MMS?

  4. Chanuka Wattegama


    It is common to have other electronic devices like radios, cameras, clocks bundled with mobile handsets. Whether they are part of the handset or an added component is a tricky question. So far we have treated mobile cameras separately. But perhaps in future, if mobile handsets replace non-professional cameras we may have to consider it as part of mobile 2.0.