4G network only; no legacy networks.

Posted on August 21, 2010  /  1 Comments

There was talk that India would get 4G mobile before 3G mobile, given all the delays in licensing. That won’t happen. But 4G is not pie in the sky, according to the Economist:

WHILE much of the world is still rolling out the third generation (3G) of mobile networks, some countries have already moved on to the fourth (4G). Russia offers an intriguing example. Yota, a start-up with no old voice business to protect, has built a 4G network from scratch, burying 3,000km (1,864 miles) of fibre-optic cables to connect its wireless base stations. The firm is ambitious: it hopes to establish a global brand. That would be a rarity for Russia.

It will indeed to interesting to compare 4G only versus 4G on top of legacy networks.

1 Comment

  1. What Yota is selling at present as “4G” is actually WiMAX 16e. A few other operators sell WiMAX 16e as 3.9G. WiMAX 16e is based on OFDM+MIMO and it is this platform that 3GPP route is trying to adopt through LTE. In fact WiMAX 16e share 85% common DNA with the forthcoming LTE (which is a total shift from the present WCDMA based 3G/HSPA platform to all-IP OFDM+MIMO platform).