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Posted on August 13, 2010  /  1 Comments

We want your comments and suggestions in Teleuse@BOP4 questionnaire design

In our most recent demand-side ICT study, Teleuse@BOP3, we asked bottom of the pyramid (BOP) phone owners if and how often they used their phone (mobile or fixed) for business purposes or any other financial or work-related purposes. The responses we got were quite encouraging:

Teleuse@BOP4 is almost underway. This time, we have decided to seek out the wisdom of the crowds in designing and fine-tuning some of the questions that we ask in Teleuse@BOP4.

Responses to the question of business use of phones are important in this research cycle, where we are trying to understand , inter alia, what services (including telecom) would better equip SMEs (many of which are owned by or employ people at the BOP) to participate in the knowledge based economy.

Similarly as important are the reasons that prevent greater use of phones for these purposes (trust, alternatives, cost, culture, etc). Here is a draft question to seek out this information; we invite comments, suggestions and feedback on how this question can be improved.

“Q: What prevents you from using the phone for these purposes (business, financial or work related) at all/more than you do currently?

a. It is more convenient communicating on these issues face-to-face than over the phone

b. I am not sure if I can trust the other party when talking about these things over the phone

c. Other people prefer to talk face-to-face

d. I don’t engage in such  activities

e. other”

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