Technology is “Changing journalism; changing Reuters”

Posted on October 18, 2010  /  1 Comments

Information has been riding on technology. And now the technology is disrupting the business of information. Reuters’ Editor-in-Chief, David Schlesinger, has outlined the following battle-plan:

  1. Knowing the story is not enough.
  2. Telling the story is only the beginning.
  3. The conversation about the story is as important as the story itself.
  4. The more you try to be paternalistic and authoritative, the less people will believe you.
  5. The more you cede control to your audience, the more people will respect you
  6. The more you embrace new technology as a platform, the more your ideas will compete.
  7. The more you abandon the faceless and characterless, the more you can set the agenda
  8. The more you look beyond the story for connections, the more value you will have.
  9. And if you have value and no one else does, you will get paid.

It’s worth reading.

1 Comment