India: Changes coming to broadband quality of service regulation

Posted on December 12, 2010  /  1 Comments

In a response given to the respected Hindu newspaper in connection with a story on LIRNEasia’s broadband QoSE regulation results, TRAI has indicated some changes in the broadband quality regulatory regime, starting as early as next month:

S.K. Gupta, Advisor (CN & IT), TRAI, has said the definition of broadband will be modified to include only those services that offer access speeds of 512 kbps from January 1, 2011. “This will be further upgraded to 2 Mbps network speeds from January 1, 2015. A comprehensive regulation on Quality of Service is also in the pipeline.”

We will, of course, not claim sole credit for any of this, but then a catalytical organization can never do that, can it?

1 Comment