Toure supports Gyanendra’s Law

Posted on February 21, 2011  /  0 Comments

The Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union is elected every four years by governments who have paid their dues to the Union (or have had it paid on their behalf). This does not make him a natural advocate of anything revolutionary. Yet, this is what he says:

There is no alternative, suggests the secretary general. “Once people have tasted the goodies of education and communication you can’t cut it off. If you cut it off you’re gone, and that’s what happened in Egypt,” says Touré. “This is a very good reason for us to encourage the rolling out of broadband infrastructure so people can have better access everywhere in the world. The citizen will be able to take care of their own destiny — if they are given this powerful weapon, a telephone, a smartphone.”
It requires some heads of state, though, to be more adult: some still surely want to clamp down on communications?

Think twice

“Yes, we have not to underestimate people. They are mature enough to take care of their own destiny. That’s what we saw in Tunisia and Egypt. I hope that anyone who is ready to cut off citizens from ICT will think twice from now on.”

Guess the odds are not good for Qaddafi (Gaddafi)?

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