More time spent on apps than on talk; not all smartphones are equally friendly to apps

Posted on March 7, 2011  /  0 Comments

For a number of reasons, including our conclusion that for most of the BOP the path to the Internet runs through a mobile handset, LIRNEasia is interested in how people use smartphones. Here is a report summarizing research findings:

The average smartphone owner spends 667 minutes a month using apps. That is more time spent with apps than spent talking on a smartphone or using it to browse the Web. But not all smartphones are equally friendly to apps.

Programmers have an easier time designing apps for iPhones and Android phones, giving these devices a much broader pool to draw from. Users of those devices fire up twice as many apps a month as BlackBerry users do, according to Zokem, a research firm. Zokem tracked the behavior of 2,100 British and American smartphone users in January using software installed on their phones.

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