Indonesia leaps 14 places in NRI rankings; India drops five

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We are not the greatest fans of the Network Readiness Index, but we do believe it matters. Many of these composite indices are built upon questionable data such as the problematic “Internet users/100” indicator. No time at this moment to probe the details, but here are some key takeaways:

The study showed the rapid progress of the so-called Asian Tigers, whose governments have invested heavily in technology. Besides Singapore, Taiwan was ranked 6th, South Korea 10th and Hong Kong 12th. Japan was 19th.

China ranked 36th and India 48th, falling five places from 2009. Rounding out the large developing BRIC countries — Brazil, Russia, India and China — Brazil was 56th and Russia 77th.

The country making the most progress in 2010 was Indonesia, which jumped 14 places to 53rd — in part because of high educational standards and in part because of the importance the government has placed on information and communications technology.

That was the New York Times summary

In 2009 we summarized the S Asian standings.

India is now 48th v 54th in 2009
Sri Lanka is 66th now v 72nd then
Pakistan is 88th v 95th then
Bangladesh is 115th v 130th then
Nepal is 131st v 121st then.

These comparisons must be looked at carefully because we comparing 2009 to 2011 (missing 2010 in the middle) and the total number being assessed may not be the same in the different years. Big picture is an advance in the large South Asian countries, other than Nepal.

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