Sri Lanka and Pakistan slide in BPO rankings; Bangladesh still not on the radar

Posted on April 24, 2011  /  1 Comments

The AT Kearney Global Services Location Index for 2011 is out. I seem to have missed the 2010 report, so comparing with 2009, which I did do a post on.

India is still number 1 and China is number 2. No change.

Thailand has slipped to 7 from 4, overtaken by Indonesia.

Sri Lanka is at 21, slipping from 16 in 2009. Pakistan has slipped to 28 from 20th place in 2009.

And Bangladesh? Not in the list, again. That’s what comes from restrictive BPO policies and refusing to admit captive BPOs. I hope the Digital Bangladesh folk are paying attention.

1 Comment

  1. Senior Policy Fellow Abu Saeed Khan has brought to our attention a 2010 Gartner report that includes for the first time Bangladesh within the top 30 offshoring destinations:

    That is progress. But AT Kearney is a respected index and the most relied upon. Worth trying to break into that too.