ICT to reduce corruption

Posted on May 16, 2011  /  7 Comments

The Sri Lankan procedures for paying traffic fines are so annoying and time-consuming that they drive offenders to pay bribes instead. Now it appears that a bank and a mobile operator are trying to solve the problem. All strength to their elbows.

A leading bank and a mobile company would introduce a technology when one was charged with traffic law violation could pay the fine through his/her mobile phone, sources said.

Informed sources told Daily Mirror that any one charged with a traffic law violation could SMS the bank asking it to credit the amount specified as the fine to the post office account from his account.

“Taking the ticket and paying the fine to the post office and then going and collecting your driving licence will be a thing in the past,” an informed source who is playing an active role in introducing the new technology said.


  1. Give a PDA to the police men and issue the traffic fine
    One can go to any bank or police station and pay the fine on 24/7 basis

    License are not taken if you default you will be arrested in the second offense !!

    To to all that one will need UTF values for all Sinhala and Tamil characters and PDA must be trilingual

    Technology is available. Choice is yours

  2. To to all that one will need UTF values for all Sinhala and Tamil characters and PDA must be trilingual – your posts are like makka’s essay. it all ends up with your sinhala solution. since you are not welcomed in other related blogs you resort to blog posts such as this. feel sorry for ya

  3. he he.. just wondering whether our police guys will accept this…probably you may have to have another mechanism where money could be transferred from your accout to police mae account :)

  4. Wijeweera
    Please forward your solution if you have!!

    Even the HE president is unable to SMS the nation in Sinhala after spending 65 million US dollars!

    Accept the error and honour my solution

  5. i have no solution. neither have you.

  6. Wijeweera
    Thank you for admitting the error
    Come for a public debate with me to show the solution

  7. where can we have a public debate?