New tool for measuring broadband quality

Posted on May 14, 2011  /  0 Comments

When we started on measuring broadband quality back in 2007 along with our colleagues from IIT Madras, there was little else beside speedtest. Then the FCC got on the bandwagon. Now another tool.

Everyone talks about being more customer-centric these days. And the incentive for focusing on customers is growing in part because customers are becoming more empowered by technology than ever – even when it comes to things like guaranteeing broadband connectivity levels.

Evidence: a new tool from university researchers in the US that allows people to see the bandwidth being consumed by all the devices on their home network – and to find out if they’re getting the broadband Internet speeds they were promised by their ISP.

The tool, called Kermit, was developed at Georgia Tech University with support from Intel, Microsoft and the National Science Foundation, and helps customers diagnose apparent slowdowns in Internet speeds by identifying likely congestion bottlenecks inside and outside the home network (to include things like ISPs shaping and throttling traffic).

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