Sri Lanka media on TRE results

Posted on July 19, 2011  /  1 Comments has carried a report on the TRE results for Sri Lanka, in relation to comparators. I understand this will also come out on TV on Lanka Business Reports.

The telecom survey was conducted in seven countries including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

The survey systematically captures the perception of operators, vendors and public interest groups at top management level.

The survey was done on a five point scale, with five as excellent and one being bad. A score of three was regarded as average.

“We said three is the threshold and Sri Lanka has had trouble over the years making the threshold,” said Rohan Samarajiva, chief executive of LIRNEasia.

“This year not one single score was above three, while last year there was one that reached three. So Sri Lanka generally is a very poor performer.”

In the 2010/11 perception survey Sri Lanka was fighting for the bottom place with Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesia.

The Sri Lankan regulator had scored very low for anti-competitive practices and access to resources.

“The regulation of anticompetitive practices in mobile and fixed sectors is scored at 2.2 out of five, which is the lowest score given to anything,” Samarajiva said.

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