Myanmar overtaken by North Korea

Posted on November 22, 2011  /  0 Comments

For the longest time Myanmar was not at the bottom of the world mobile rankings. That was because North Korea had a lock on that slot. Now North Korea has zoomed ahead, according to Reuters. Time for Myanmar to issue a few licenses. Preferably more than one.

As the report says, there are technology advantages to being a late mover. We can add to that. Pretty much all the policy mistakes have been done by Myanmar’s neighbors. They can be avoided too.

Secretive North Korea is expected to register the 1 millionth cellphone user on its new 3G network by the end of the year, barely four years after people were thrown into prison camps, or possibly even executed, for owning one.

Most of the users are in the capital of Pyongyang, home to the impoverished country’s elite and powerful who have the cash to splash out for a device and the calling fees.

“There has been an astronomical increase since even two years ago,” said Michael Hay, a lawyer and business consultant based in the capital for the past seven years.

Two years ago, there were fewer than 70,000 users.

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