Ideas to save the postal service

Posted on January 29, 2012  /  0 Comments

For those who believe in bringing the dead back to life:

Even better, imagine if you could email a letter to the post office, pay for the stamp online, and never set foot outside of your door? You could send mail digitally, with minimal fuss. People still like receiving letters, if it wasn’t such a pain sending them we might do it more. All of these are simple innovations which barely even amount to innovation at all. They would just bring the post office up to the operating level of a modern teenager.

The Internet boom
On a broader level, the Internet boom in America saw renewed business for the post as people began ordering more from Amazon and eBay and online delivery sites. Sri Lanka looks poised to see a similar boom in eCommerce, but few trust the Postal Service to deliver. Most local eCommerce start-ups I’ve talked to consider courier services (either their own or outsourced) their first resort. To a degree this is natural (even the US Postal Service has lost out to UPS and DHL), but if the Sri Lanka Post was even slightly proactive, they could at least get into the game.

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