Nokia still the largest mobile phone supplier

Posted on February 18, 2012  /  0 Comments

The emphasis is on the word “still.”

Nokia remained the world’s No. 1 maker of mobile phones, including traditional cellphones and smartphones, but its share of the phone market is rapidly shrinking. For the full year of 2011, its global market share was 23.8 percent, down from 28.9 percent in 2010. Meanwhile, Samsung, the No. 2 phone maker, increased its market share to 17.7 percent, up from 17.6 percent the previous year, and Apple’s global market share in 2011 climbed to 5 percent, up from 2.9 percent in 2010. It remains to be seen whether Nokia’s new Lumia smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system will reverse the Finnish phone maker’s decline.

NYT report.

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