Tsunami risk reduction in the age of twitter

Posted on April 15, 2012  /  4 Comments

A few days back, on April 11th 2012, a powerful earthquake occurred not too far from Aceh. Naturally, fears of a tsunami were uppermost in people’s minds. It’s been some time since we at LIRNEasia did funded disaster-related research, but within minutes, I was receiving requests for analysis on the lines of the post-mortems we’ve done after every major disaster in the region. So I started keeping notes and writing up a short piece. So far it has been carried in

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Sunday Island
Science Daily.com and


  1. I have reiterated this point in an op ed published today – thanks for doing the initial analysis that helped a great deal.

    Nurturing Public Trust in Times of Crisis: Reflections on April 11 Tsunami Warning

    1. I hope you will take this conversation to the Sinhala media too.

  2. Rohan,
    Thanks for suggesting, which I’ve done – my weekly Sinhala column in Ravaya is devoted to this topic this Sunday. It uses the same info and analysis as the English op ed, but pitched at a slightly different level. Now online at: