Bangladesh spectrum: Rearrangement if not yet refarming; cooperation not court cases

Posted on May 4, 2012  /  4 Comments

Finally, some good news from Dhaka. Four mobile operators have cooperatively started to swap frequencies to yield a more rational arrangement. Congratulations to the regulator, the industry body and the operators.

After the rearrangement process, the quality of services of the mobile operators will be better than before with reduced call drops and more efficient network, said Abu Saeed Khan, secretary general of Association of Mobile Telecom Operators of Bangladesh (AMTOB).

Explaining the matter, Khan said, if you have three pieces of land in different places, you will have to make more boundaries to separate your lands from others. But when all the lands become a single piece, you will need fewer boundaries, leading to an increased area of your land.

Different operators use frequencies using different boundary lines called guard bands, Khan said. But after the rearrangement, the operators will need lesser guard bands that are unused parts of spectrum between bands for preventing interference.

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  1. That’s something to emulate by other regulators and operators!

  2. Thanks to BTRC for inviting AMTOB to do it. Kudos to the operators’ consensus to implement it. Everybody’s spirit of collaboration is praiseworthy.

  3. The liaison, coordination and integration between the Regulator, Operators, Stakeholders,AMTOB and behind the scene the System Engineers were so detailed and interactive that a silent and smooth re-arrangement took place within 5 hours which 90 million subscribers did not notice! Such integrated efforts may always lead us to success !! Thanks to all for setting up an excellent example for others to follow.

  4. Apology. My name was misspelled in the last posting