LIRNEasia research contributes to discussion on media studies in Sri Lanka

Posted on May 25, 2012  /  2 Comments

The oldest Department of Mass Communication in Sri Lanka (University of Kelaniya) is running a national conference on the future of media studies in Sri Lanka. I know this from the newspapers. I cannot provide links to any information on the event because none seems to exist, including information on the Department.

However, they had invited Nalaka Gunawardene, a friend and colleague, to speak on new media. He was kind enough to share his slides with us. He informed us that LIRNEasia research had been used in his presentation.

We hope his message will get through and that the oldest Department of Mass Communication in Sri Lanka will become visible on the web as the first step in engaging with the study of media of our time.


  1. Is this open for all? Do we have to pay to take part in? When and where is the event?

  2. The National Media Summit 2012 ended May 25 evening. I can’t say anything about other sessions, but my candid reflections on the May 25 morning session on New Media are now on my blog:

    I tried to be charitable but, as my old friend Dr Carlo Fonseka (former Dean of Medical Faculty at Kelaniya University) is fond of saying, honesty compels me to speak my mind…