Looking for the optimum mix: Nokia, Microsoft and Skype

Posted on May 29, 2012  /  0 Comments

The acquisition of Skype by Microsoft was a big story. So was Nokia’s tie-up with Microsoft. But now comes the question of how to realize the synergies. Good piece in the NYT.

Stephen Elop, the chief executive of Nokia, a maker of Windows Phones, told an audience at a recent conference that “the feedback from operators is they don’t like Skype” because its cheap and free phone calls can steal revenue from traditional phone businesses. Nokia is talking to carriers about ways to bundle Nokia Windows Phones with Skype and lucrative high-speed data plans, Mr. Elop added.

Mr. Ballmer said Skype has not been an impediment to Windows Phone. “I think any savvy operator understands that the future of communications doesn’t look like the present of communications,” he said.

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