Facebook solving the mobile puzzle?

Posted on October 24, 2012  /  0 Comments

We have wondered aloud about how Facebook will make money, especially from the majority of its users who are outside the US and who access it over mobile platforms. Apparently it made USD 150 million last quarter, the first in which broke out the numbers.

The earnings report was the first time the company had broken out from its overall advertising revenue how much money it collects from mobile ads. The information helped to address a critical question that investors have had about how Facebook will respond to the world’s shift to mobile computing; 60 percent of all Facebook users log in from their phones.

Although it is not a direct comparison, Google is poised to make far more money from mobile devices. Google said that in the coming year, it would earn $8 billion from mobile advertising, apps and content. Facebook this quarter earned $150 million from mobile ads.


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