Facebook users and Facebook servers

Posted on October 11, 2012  /  0 Comments

Something to think about. Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it had 1 billion active users. Of that, 81 percent were said to be outside the US and Canada. The top-five countries in ranked order at this time are US; Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico.

Last year, there were lots of reports about Facebook building a server farm in Northern Sweden. The reports said this would be the first outside the US.

So, all the Facebook traffic from, say 75 percent of Facebook users (not saying 81 percent because Canada is a different country) occurs in countries where server farms are not located.

That means that all these Facebook users (800 million or so, and increasing) would be affected by the sending-party-network-pays rule that ETNO is pushing with ITU Secretary General’s assistance (as evidenced by his participation in a Twitter publicity event organized by ETNO on October 10th).

What would they think about being deprived of Facebook use, I wonder? What should they tell their government representatives to do when they go to Dubai?

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