ITU’s Expert Group on Telecom/ICT Indicators (EGTI) recommends LIRNEasia’s Broadband QoSE Methodology

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I recently presented LIRNEasia‘s methodology on measuring broadband quality of service experience (QoSE) at the Expert Group on Telecom/ICT Indicators (EGTI) meeting held on the 23rd & 24th of September 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand just before ITU’s annual World Telecom/ICT Indicators meeting. The methodology suggests tests are carried out on multiple times of the day and on multiple days of the week to account of peak / off peak variances and that throughput, latency, jitter and packet loss are measured. In addition to the proposed method, ideal and minimal requirements (such as the number of domains being tested, locations, operators, broadband plans etc.) were also presented. The use of a diagnostic tool (software) as opposed to equipment that sits on the network was proposed. The importance of using the same methodology to increase comparability was stressed, while it was also highlighted that the most practical will be to compare cities as opposed to countries. At the end of the EGTI meeting, the Chair (Iñigo Herguera García of the Spanish Regulatory Authority, Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones (CMT)) suggested to all participants that a methodology similar to LIRNEasia‘s is followed by all member states at a national level.


Discussion document submitted to the EGTI forum

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