Champagne, Caviar and a nervous ITU. Cheers!

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The ITU hobnobbing with ETNO in a joint Twitter-storm during early October had been a mystery until the WCITLeaks’ recent disclosure of a “confidential” document. It reveals that ITU’s senior management went for a two-day “retreat” at the pristine Domaine du Château de Penthes in Geneva during early September. That was exactly one month before staging the Twitter-storm.

Besides assembling its entire hierarchy from worldwide, the jumpy ITU also invited (of course on hefty payments) professional public relations heavyweights to strategize its counteroffensive against the defenders of Internet. The leaked document, with typographic error in the second question bellow, nicely captures ITU’s high-speed of heartbeat:

On the basis of the outputs of the preparatory process, which includes preliminary inputs from the regions, we can address the following questions:

Where do we stand regarding the substance?
Where to we stand regarding the process?
What are the possible outcomes?

An additional question is: why are we getting so much unfavorable media coverage? And what can we do about it?

Being haunted by this question, the ITU tries hard to answer to itself.

There is a risk that no. 6 will happen, but our communication campaign can mitigate this.

The joint Twitter-storm followed by the ITU Secretary-General’s op-ed publication are clearly part of the official “communication campaign” of ITU. And this is what the ITU has referred as no. 6:

….followed by an intensive anti-ratification campaign in OECD countries, based on the so-called lack of openness of the WCIT process, resulting in a significant number of countries refusing to ratify the new ITRs (the so-called ACTA scenario).

Read the full story in Forbes while the “Confidential” document of ITU can be downloaded from here.

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