Sri Lanka declines in UN e government rankings. Why?

Posted on November 24, 2012  /  1 Comments

The 2012 UN e government survey is out. Sri Lanka is still second in the South Asian region, behind the Maldives. But its world ranking has slipped even further. Now it’s 115th. It was 111th in 2010. It was in 101st place in 2009. So this is a continuing trend that should be quite worrisome for the people in charge of Sri Lanka’s e government programs.

Unlike in 2010, the absolute value of the index has not declined, but has actually increased above the 2009 value. The poor measurement of broadband subscribers by the Telecom Regulatory Commission is possibly contributing to the problem. Finally, remedial action has been taken and mobile broadband is being reported.

What more can be done to stop the decline? Iran is now 15 places ahead of Sri Lanka. Fiji is 10 places ahead.

The key appears to be making more advanced online services available. Here, Sri Lanka has plenty of catching up to do. It is behind Bangladesh by a mile, for example, despite having a much more tractable country.

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  1. No wonder. It’s the wonder of Aisa in ICT arena.