New broadband QoS penalties in the new year, India

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In a recent amendment to the Quality of Service of Broadband Service Regulations, 2006, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) states:

The purpose of these regulations is to prescribe financial disincentives on the service providers for failure to meet the prescribed Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarks for Broadband Services. These regulations prescribe financial disincentive on Broadband Service providers for noncompliance with the benchmark at a rate not exceeding Rs. 50000 per parameter for the first noncompliance and Rs. 100000 per parameter for subsequent non-compliance of the benchmarks.

This amendment is effective from the 1st of January 2013 and provides for a deterrent against false reporting and delay in submission of mandatory quarterly Quality of Service benchmark reports.

The QoS parameters include;

– Subscribed Broadband Connection Speed to be met >80% from ISP Node to User

– Packet loss < 1%

– Network latency of <120 ms (User reference point at the ISP gateway to the International gateway node), <350 ms (for the same via terrestrial) and <800 ms (for the same via Satellite)

among others. There are also a set of parameters for customer perception of services ranging from service provision to billing to network services.

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