Myanmar government laying fiber for domestic backhaul network

Posted on March 17, 2013  /  0 Comments

It appears from news reports that the Myanmar government has commenced work on a domestic fiber backhaul network. This was among the recommendations of the oped that I published in a Myanmar newspaper last year. But as experience has shown in country after country that it is easier to build backhaul than to ensure that it is efficiently used (see downloadable book, chapter 7). For this, an open-access regime based on cost-oriented pricing and non-discriminatory access is essential.

The farmlands were dug twice, while burying cables along the roads in Thapyay San village, Magway township, one of the locals said.

The local people were asking for compensation for their damaged crops and lands, but the company on the project offered compensation for damaged crops only.

Farms were dug again on March 10 while the negotiation has not finished, arousing anger among the locals.
In both cases, officials did not notice them before digging their farms, the locals said.
This infrastructural project is a joint venture between Myanmar Post & Telecommunication (MPT) and Singapore’s International Telecommunication Holding Ltd (ITHL) for 30 million GSM phone lines to be set up in major cities of Myanmar, including Yangon, Pyay, Magway and Nay Pyi Taw.

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