Not yet with license, Telenor announces its plans for Myanmar

Posted on April 28, 2013  /  1 Comments

With long experience in neighboring Bangladesh, where they may have well discovered the Budget Telecom Network model, Telenor appears to be pulling out all the stops in its Myanmar campaign.

Telenor plans to sell SIM cards for free—or with a minimal charge of about 20 kyat (US$0.02)—and offer its phone service by a pay-per-minute plan. The company also plans to make communications accessible by establishing a high volume of points of sales throughout the country.

“We never want a customer to be living more than a few hundred meters from a retailer,” Brekke said.

It will take six months to roll out the network and six months to roll out distribution from receiving the license, Brekke said. He added that Telenor will start with an emphasis on rural areas, where little communication is available.

Telenor is currently in discussion with various local universities to co-sponsor training programs for employment at Telenor and design a new degree in telecom service.

“We need young people in Myanmar to help us understand the market and understand how the youth are thinking,” he said.


1 Comment

  1. It’s very much achievable as long as Myanmar doesn’t introduce SIM tax and other draconian regulations like Bangladesh.