Court decides if BTRC is naïve or A2I is crook

Posted on May 14, 2013  /  0 Comments

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and Access to Information (A2I) project, being blessed by the Prime Minister’s Office, are blaming each other on the controversial allocation of 800 MHz spectrum to Ollo.

BTRC said, according to a report of Dhaka Tribune:

“I have gone through the matter and found that there were no irregularity on our part for allocating the spectrum,” BTRC Chairman Sunil Kanti Bose told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday. “BTRC cannot deny a request from the PMO and the 800MHz band allocation is not only for Ollo, it was allocated to other ISPs before also. A2I planned to use it for digital zila Jessore as well as for the whole country.”

Bose also said as far as he is aware, Ollo has special plans to provide internet in rural areas through dongles. He added that at the time the spectrum was allocated, he was the telecommunication secretary and was not entitled to receive any files about spectrum allocation.

And the A2I chief has refuted:

“Primarily A2I have made a lot of request to BTRC and other organisations about different things. But I cannot recall the details,” Nazrul, who is also the secretary of the newly-formed Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ministry, told the Dhaka Tribune over phone. He was travelling to the northern part of the country at the time.

“Whoever came to me at that time, I recommended them to be provided support. There was no ill-motive there,” the veteran bureaucrat said.

We made many such requests, but BTRC should follow its own rules and regulations. Why are they putting this sort of blame on us?”

Meanwhile the High Court has stayed the assignment of 800 MHz spectrum to Ollo for 10 days and sought explanation from BTRC in this regard, said another report.

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