Thimphu ascends with LTE and Dhaka slips with 3G

Posted on May 7, 2013  /  2 Comments

Bhutan Telecom is launching Long Term Evolution (LTE) service in two locations of its capital city Thimpu. Coverage of this 1800 MHz network will encompass a radius of up to 1km, promising a theoretical downlink speed of up to 40Mbps. Cellular News reports.

Meanwhile, the fate of 3G in Bangladesh looks as gloomy as its political future. The regulator could not appoint a consultant for auctioning the 2.1 GHz spectrum. The industry is reluctant to discuss 3G guideline unless the government withdraws SIM tax and 15% VAT from the spectrum. These issues have forced the regulator to defer the 3G auction by one month, so far. Reports from Daily Star and Dhaka Tribune.