CISCO on LTE at the GSMA Public Policy Forum in Shanghai

Posted on June 27, 2013  /  0 Comments

Bob Pepper of Cisco is speaking on LTE, with specific reference to the 700 MHz Band.

If the FCC had the knowledge it now has about how to make the digital transition work, they would have taken back 160 MHz, not 108 MHz.

Auction for the digital dividend spectrum in US was in 2007, but actual switch-over was in 2009. It was important to create the stakeholders to ensure pressure was maintained on the regulator to keep to the schedule and not backtrack.

Pepper is talking about White Space. If you look at the band plan for TV, there were in-between spaces to address interference. That is what is called white space. Some people are equating white space with unlicensed frequencies. That is incorrect.

There are proposals to recallocate 700 MHz frequencies for unlicensed use. This is not white space, according to Pepper. He wants unlicensed bands to be in higher bands, not 700 MHz band.

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