Spectrum sharing versus making money from spectrum

Posted on July 16, 2013  /  1 Comments

We’ve been writing about spectrum sharing on and off. There is mention that sharing will be encouraged in the Indian National Telecom Policy 2012. Indications were that actions to implement the policy were underway. But it has come up against the need to raise more money from auctions. I came up against this problem in Bangladesh early this year. My solution was to bundle the rights to flexibility along with some specfic spectrum in an auction.

The telecom department (DoT) plans not to allow spectrum sharing and trading among operators for the time being as it may lead to a failure of the proposed airwaves sale, delaying the implementation of a key provision of the National Telecom Policy announced last year.

A senior DoT official said there were fears that spectrum sharing at this stage could encourage cartelisation among operators during the upcoming auctions and prevent the government from realising the true value of this resource.


1 Comment

  1. Same problem in Pakistan. Whatever “enthusiasm” one finds in the government circles about releasing more spectrum is due to the money that it is expected to bring. Its so unfortunate that the leaders of South Asia are that ignorant.